3 AV Trends to look out for this year

This week, ExcelRedstone welcomes Shane Stanley the team as our Audio Visual Operations Manager. With 20 years in the AV Industry under his belt, we ask him to predict the top 3 trends we’ll see in Audio Visual this year.

More collaborative meeting rooms

The hybrid workplace will become the norm in 2021 and it requires technology that allows employees to seamlessly share information and collaborate, whether they are located in the office or working from home. The standard meeting room facility of cheap display, outdated VGA socket and unplugged HDMI cable is hopefully on the way out. Meeting rooms need to be a productive Unified Comms experience from the moment the door is opened. Remote workers travelling in are now likely only in the office for a short period. Time was valuable then; it is more so now.

Going touchless

Digital signage has become popular everywhere we go, from schools, office buildings, restaurants and entertainment venues. Given the fear of infection, people are avoiding touching things as much as possible. Whether you call it “touchless”, “hands-free”, or “contactless” technology, there is no question that people are going to want to touch interfaces as little as possible in a post-COVID-19 world.

We’ll see a rise in the ability to control the technology in the room via your own device. Personal devices can be used to enable touchless meeting collaboration, as well as controlling features in the room such as lighting, room temperature, etc.

Maximum quality with minimum equipment

With the workforce in front of the camera now more than ever, video quality will be critical. Going forward, high quality video and audio will become the standard for every video conference. AV systems often come with many wires or controllers, cluttering meeting rooms. We can expect to see more advancement towards a minimalistic set up, so no more “can you hear me, can you see me” comments. One button to open the call and away you go. This will offer the end user experience a familiar common interface across all areas spaces and not be dependent on room size of functionality.

Even without a crystal ball, its clear the important role Audio Visual technology will play in helping most businesses transition into the post-covid world. The right equipment will allow employees to be productive as they embrace online communications and begin to filter back to the workplace. Make sure your organization is ready to adapt.